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In the South Indian chart format, signs are fixed and houses & planets keep moving. Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces respectively. Mars also become lord of eighth house and ninth house as per KP chart.
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Melbourne Workshop Gann - Wizard of Wall St. Home Study CDs. Rather than turning away from this spirituality — which, it could be argued, has arisen in an effort to counteract an overly tech-ified world — tech giants are also joining the fray. The streaming service partnered with astrologer Chani Nicholas to create the playlists, which are updated monthly.

You can use it for healing. You can use it for reflection. Amazon introduced an astrology shopping feature in April , which offers monthly horoscopes embellished with Prime shopping recommendations. Although the service has garnered scorn as an over-commercialization of the discipline, it points to the undeniable reach and marketability of astrology in mainstream culture. Even venture capitalists are taking note, in an effort to cash in on the craze.

But rationality suffocates. The human in us craves connection; the dreamer yearns for mystery. So we search for meaning in the madness, if only for the sign that makes us take a leap of faith. Where technorationalism ends, we begin. Please provide your name and email address to download the selected Trend Report and receive our weekly Newsletter.

Rule A bhava cuspal sub lord has a power to do or run the activities of the particular bhava. But moreover, the planets in the star of the cuspal sublord and the planets in the sub-lord of the cuspal sub-lord, has more power than the particular bhava sub-lord. Explanation: For example, take the 2nd bhava. Saturn is the sub-lord of the 2nd bhava. The native will get more money turnover in the Rahu and Jupiter dasa, bhukthi, anthra period. General Law is every planet give result through its star lord and sub lord of the planet.

In this way, the Rahu and Jupiter are in the star lord and sub-lord of the 2nd bhava sub-lord Saturn. Therefore, Rahu and Jupiter gives the same result behalf of Saturn and the heavy money transaction will happen in the Rahu, Jupiter dasa, bhukthi period. The 2nd bhava will get strong position according to fate of law, if the Saturn connected to 6,10 bhavas through its star lord or sub-lord , at that time the 2nd bhava get strengthen. Therefore, a person can earn much money in the period of Saturn dasa than the period of rahu and Jupiter dasa.

Rule A particular bhava cuspal planet, through its star lord, sub lord, while gets connection with other bhavas, gives two different effect or results to its own bhava. Explanation: For example, take the 5th bhava. In the 5th bhava, love, attraction, happiness are related to lagna i. B system, these are called lagna dependant karaka in fifth house.

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These are not related to lagna. In the horoscope, 5th cuspal sub lord, gets connection to the 9th bhava through its star lord and the sub lord means, it gives the favorable results to the 5th bhava's lagna dependent karakas like love, attraction, jolly,happpiness etc. So, this person can enjoy the above-mentioned result with satisfaction.

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  6. Next, this 9th bhava is not good for income commission , and profession related with out physical work like the fine arts profession. So, a person cannot earn in the 5th bhava's karakas. The commission is 2nd bhava karaka and it is in the 5th bhava. Same method, the fine arts profession is the 10th bhava karaka and it is in the 5th bhava. The 9th bhava becomes 8, 12 bhava to 2nd, 10th bhavas, so the 2,10 karaka results decreased.

    It may just give confusion to the readers to sort out the karakas within the one bhava. Because, initially I explained about the 5th bhava's lagna dependant karakas and lagna non-dependant karakas.

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    Particularly, non-dependant karaka of commission, fine arts related professions etc. I will give the example as follows. The 12 bhavas, 9 planets has included lagna dependent karakas and lagna non-dependent karakas, permanently. These karakas are functioning within the lagna native as internal and outer to the lagna.

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    But some of the karakas do not affect a person directly by the way of physically or mentally are called the lagna non dependent karakas. These karakas, not only enjoy by the particular person, but other person also can enjoy the result or benefit after the death of that particular person also. I will explain with the example as follows.

    Education is within the karaka of the 4th bhava, i. The education is come to close with his death. At the same time, the 4th bhava related karakas like, house, plot, vehicle, are lagna non dependent karakas. These karakas are not only enjoyed by the particular person , but also enjoy the above referred karaka materials, after death of a person, by the other family member and the legal heirs.

    The repair accord to the vehicle,house means, it will not affect to a persons physical body. The same manner, every bhava have the bhava karakas in it. Example, take 2nd bhava and this bhava has so many karakas. In this karaka, we will take only the karaka about the money.

    In the karaka of money have 12 bhava's karkam and gives the result as follows. So, a person can earn money through the 12 bhaves. Which bhava connects with the 2nd bhava, that bhava karaka rule over on the 2nd bhava and through the bhava karaka, show the way, a person can get the money.

    However, the planet Moon will change its position often and often according to the changed period of the dasa bhukthi, anthra. This is the dasa balance of a person.

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    We, accumulating the dasa bhukthi, according the age, in the base of the dasa bhukthi balance of the birth time chart. The K. In the K. While change of the each and every dasa, the planet moon changing its star lord and while change of the bhukthi the moon changing its sub-lord. The ancestral people told that "if the fate is not good -you see the moon".