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The name Borasisi refers to the Sun of a mythical religion created by Kurt Vonnegut. The religion professed to be made up of lies that you believe in order to be.
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I've noticed that many readers will readily accept something cut from the whole cloth of fiction, no matter how absurd, as long as it looks sort of good. There seems to be this crack in consciousness through which very nearly anything can go. Seven Deadly Sins window curtain in the bathroom of Taco Juan's, where I write many of my articles and horoscopes.

Cosmos to You: Be the Big Magic

The owner is actually named Bobby -- he's a dyed-in-the wool Scorpio with a sense of humor to match. And great tacos. Photo by Eric. Religion makes a lot more sense when portrayed in science fiction. Bokononism in Cat's Cradle is one well-done example. So is the Church of the Second Chance in the Riverworld series by Philip Jose Farmer, a story wherein a whole bunch of people are trying to figure out how and why they all reincarnated on a huge planet along the banks of a river.

Is the Ouija board real, or is it a crock? It's sold as a game -- but we all have our stories.

Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu, Astrosplained | Artnunymiss

I have been researching the history of the word 'compersion' and I have learned that it came out of a Ouija board. Photo by Eric Francis. While GE was telling us how we could get 10 hours of comfy cool breeze for the price of an ice cream cone, the company was busy installing an electrical grid insulated with chemicals called PCBs, which sickened many, polluted the Earth's entire environment up to the Arctic and caused countless billions of dollars in damage.

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It seems like you can't have a cat food ad these days where the kitty isn't on LSD. Advertising is full of the lies that we think make us feel good. It is the core Bokononism of our day. To science, homeopathic remedies are a dose of absolutely nothing unless you study them with nuclear magnetic resonance. To a homeopath, they are a potentized, nontoxic form of the original substance. Stock photo image. The chart has a cluster of planets across Aquarius and Pisces.

Uranus is about to leave Pisces.

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Neptune is about to enter. So we can look for changes in the whole field of reality expressed by Pisces. The deeper question is: how does astrology work? Skeptics are correct in saying that it's an elaborate web of lies, but that critique lacks the very imagination by which we actually succeed at creating our lives.

Detail of the Pisces New Moon. This is the chart for the true node changing signs on Thursday.

Minor-planet moon

Venus is also conjunct the asteroid Chaos. Is there a place in your heart that predates your relationship narratives? If so, does it feel like a place of origin or homecoming, or does it just feel confusing?

Minor asteroids - pt 1

In other words, how do concepts like agape or the Golden Rule intersect with how you think about and offer love? Notice if anyone this weekend offers that view to you, and maybe write a love note to yourself about what you learn, for future reference. The Moon entering Gemini later today could accelerate the speed of thoughts and moods, making them trickier to pin down as sociability increases.

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